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Rate Your Life Satisfaction: Take the Test!

by Darren Barr-Engstrom


One of the first assignments that I give my clients is the Wheel of Life. It’s a measure of how satisfied you are with the current state of your life in many different areas. Sometimes this is a wake up call for us to set a different direction, start making some major life changes, or take incremental steps to improve our life. How satisfied are you with your life?

Complete your Wheel of Life:
Rate your current level of satisfaction in the following areas of your life from 1 to 10, 1 being “it couldn’t possibly get any worse” through 10 “it couldn’t possibly get any better!”

Fun and Recreation:
Personal Growth:
Significant Other/Romance:
Friends and Family:
Physical Environment:

To print and fill in your own Wheel of Life, click here.

The first step in any journey is to know where you are coming from; where you are right now. How do the different areas inter-relate for you? Are low scores in one area affecting another?

Here’s the big question: What do you want to do about it? What would you like your score to be 6 months from now? How will your life look differently if you raise your health score from a 5 to an 8? What will you be doing to better take care of yourself? How will you feel when your health is an 8/10?

I have had clients in momentary shock after they completed their wheel of life. They knew up front that they didn’t like their job, but hadn’t connected the long hours with a job they weren’t passionate about, to low satisfaction with fun and recreation, no time to spend with friends and family, and decreased health. So the one job that was a wrong fit for them was a damper on other areas of their life.

It can be the same thing with a job/career that you love. I have clients who love their career, or the independence of owning their own business, who have all the trappings of success, yet feel something is missing in their life.

How many people do you know who are single and want a relationship, but they just don’t have the time because their sole focus is on their career? Do you remember the time you used to spend with your significant other; the romance that used to be there?

If you find yourself wanting more from life, or reminiscing about a time long ago, it may be time to re-balance the different areas of your life.

Your Values Bring a Renewed Sense of Life Satisfaction:

If you find your satisfaction in certain life areas dipping low, you may want to take a look at your values. Your values are who you are; what is most important to you. When we talk about values in coaching, we aren't talking about morals, and right or wrong. Our top values are so important to us, that living without them is the same as asking us to go without oxygen. That might sound extreme, but there's truth to it. We see this when we ignore or step on our values. Imagine for instance that one of your top values is integrity and honesty. If you found you were lying to yourself or others, it is highly likely that you would feel like a fish out of water, until you got back into integrity. You probably will find that it's very important for you to deal and work with people who have integrity.

In our example above, one of Nancy 's values was family and being a good mother that is there for her daughters. This value was getting "stepped on" by a different value, that of accomplishment and career. Nancy decided that she was going to schedule a weekly play date with her daughters, which she would write in her planner just like her business meetings. By doing this, she prioritized fun time with her daughters, recognizing that her relationship with her family was as important, if not more important than work. This is one step that Nancy chose to take to honor her value of family and increase her satisfaction and her family's satisfaction.
How are you honoring your values and what's truly important to you? What step will you take today to honor your top values?


To print and fill in your own Wheel of Life, click here.

Darren Barr-Engstrom, founder of Coach My Life, is a certified life coach who helps his clients to live truly fulfilling lives by honoring their deepest values. See what life coaching can do for you! www.coachmylife.com


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