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$99 Career Coaching Package
Including MAPP Career Assessment

“Find a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Are you in the midst of a career transition, or wanting to figure out the best career direction to take?

Certified career coach Darren Barr-Engstrom, CPCC, ACC founder of Coach My Life, is currently offering Two (2) Career Coaching Sessions and MAPP Career Assessment Test for only $99.

The Mapp Career Assessment Test (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) identifies your true motivations towards work and suggests careers/vocations that would be the best fit for you.

"The Mapp Career Assessment Test was a wonderful tool for me to have and understand while doing my research for the next chapter of my career. The information from the Mapp career test enabled me to narrow the choices I have in my career development.  It has shown me where my skills are best used and where I might have frustrations if I decided to move in a certain direction. I will continue to refer to it during the development of my new endeavors."
~H.S., California

Over the past three years, Darren has worked with mid-level managers, college students, small business owners and those seeking a new direction in their career or life. He has found that the MAPP Career Assessment helps to shorten the time spent on "discovering" the right career path, and instead focus on building your career.

"My clients say that I help them:
--put their passions and talents to work for them in new careers or life chapters.
--find purpose, direction, and balance in their lives.
--re-define goals, figure out what’s next and take action.
--improve their leadership skills and overall self-confidence.
--provide accountability and structure to help stay in action"

~Career Coach, Darren Barr-Engstrom

"Working with Darren forced me to finally explore what I have only talked about doing - moving in a new direction after spending 20 years in the business world. Darren has the ability to gently prod you into staying committed and focused on working through the process of change."
~J.E., Vice President, PA

View more testimonials here.

The Introductory Career Coaching Package Includes:

  • Two-45 minute career coaching sessions with certified career coach Darren Barr-Engstrom
    (In the 1st session, we review your MAPP results, and the 2nd coaching session will be dedicated to career exploration or planning your next steps)

  • MAPP Career Assessment: 29 pages of individualized results
    (Including Top 10 vocational areas, careers that match your natural strengths and interests, and job areas to avoid) Click here to view sample 29 page pdf MAPP report.

Order your Introductory Career Coaching Package for only $99 today!

Click on the Google buy now button to pay securely using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. You can pay by credit or debit card.

Within 24 hours you will receive:

  • Instructions on how to take the MAPP Career Assessment Test online
  • Individual Access Code that will allow you to access the MAPP Career test
  • An invitation to schedule your first coaching appointment

Do you know the Top 50
Interview Questions that you need to be ready to answer at your next job interview?

We've compiled the Top 50 Interview Questions that employers love to ask, and we're going to give it to you for FREE when you sign up for an Introductory Career Coaching Package today.

If you have questions about the MAPP Career Assessment Test, or career coaching please email or call 530-575-4017 to speak directly with Darren. 

After reviewing your MAPP Career Assessment Test results, if you would like to continue working with Darren on your career plan, it's easy. Simply choose a coaching package and we will continue working together.  

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