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Coaching Success Stories and Testimonials

"Darren Barr-Engstrom has a gift for cutting to the heart of the matter. In working with Darren I was able to begin asking myself clear and concise questions that got me from a place of 'thinking about doing' to 'taking action'. His coaching style focuses on the movement into a focused and healthy place of expansion, cutting through the fog of self defeating behaviors that keep us in our comfort zones. He has been very helpful to me as I launch my business."
~ Boysen Hodgson,, Graphic Design and Marketing

“I've been working with Darren as a life coach for a little over three months. I am working on developing a business making artistic masks. Darren has been helping me hold focus, address blocks, and identify and take actions. He has led me through some wonderful imaginative exercises to look at different perspectives I carry regarding creating art. He has also helped with the "brass tacks" of getting things done. Together we've discovered the style and level of accountability that works best for me. He works well with my difficult, "stuck" moments, calmly and patiently offering ideas and approaches until I get unstuck. He is comfortable both with taking leadership in a session and with following my lead, depending on what seems to be the most helpful in the moment. I find his friendly demeanor to be consistently supportive, and I have trust in his acceptance of me and my process. Thanks for your work, Darren.”
~L.K., Massachusetts

“Darren has helped me focus on what I want and need in life, eliminating all those ‘other factors’ that have held me back from doing what I’ve known I needed to do for myself from the beginning. He’s helped me look at all the perspectives pertaining to my situation so that when I made my decision I felt confident and secure about what I was doing.”
~A.G., California

"Darren is an excellent listener. He asked tough questions that forced me to consider what’s truly important to me. I found our time together to be very productive and helpful. I feel like I am now (after our sessions together) in a much better position to make some difficult decisions. I would recommend Darren to someone looking to figure out what to do next in their life or how to achieve more in what they are currently doing. I was impressed with how you challenged my limiting belief system and helped me come up with new strategies that were not apparent (but now seem obvious!) to me."
~Dave Rubel, Distributor with, VT

"Darren's workshop on Google Ranking was fantastic. He provided key tech info in a non-techie easy to understand fashion - real suggestions, tips, and steps to take to improve my site's ranking immediately without making my head spin. Thank you."
~Ronnie Ann Ryan, The Dating Coach,

"Darren, Thank you so much for being a part of Connecticut Legal Services' Staff Retreat. Your presentation 'Visioning 2007 and Beyond' was a huge hit with our staff. It was a pleasure to work with you and I appreciate your willingness to accommodate our time & budget restrictions. Thanks a ton!!
Sincerely, Avery Moore, Connecticut Legal Services"

"Working with Darren forced me to finally explore what I have only talked about doing - moving in a new direction after spending 20 years in the business world.  Darren has the ability to gently prod  you into staying committed and focused on working through the process of change."


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